Energy & Trading

We will help your organization predict future load demand, optimize renewable energy production, obtain faster processing results in smarter trade strategies and ultimately increase revenue and decrease costs.


Financial services

Intelligent technology can address critical challenges within the modern financial services industry, improve risk management, decisions. security, and enhance customer experiences, and allow your organization to deal with huge datasets, continuous market fluctuation and remote workforces.


Health Care

We will build solutions that will allow you to meet the need for personalized, next-generation medicine, offer an enhanced quality of care, or obtain breakthrough results in biomedical research.


Public Sector

Our AI solutions will make communities safer and more connected by implementing new developments in cybersecurity, healthcare, life sciences, defense and security, humanitarian response and disaster relief.


Mobility Services

Use our powerful infrastructure to create and implement innovative solutions for manufacturing, resource management, connected car systems and autonomous driving environments.



Reduce shrinkage, improve forecasting, automate warehouse logistics, determine in-store promotions and real-time pricing, enable customer personalization and recommendations, and deliver better shopping experiences—both in stores and online.


Software Development

Reduce provisioning time, centralize management and eliminate the time burden of the siloed approach of IT resource management by using our cloud-based development environments.

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