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We are resilient: ClusterPower owns and operates the first Tier III Uptime Institute Certified Datacenter in South Eastern Europe, a guarantee of maximum resilience and service availability for our customers

We are optimizers: we are efficiency centric and offer high density solutions at a PUE of 1.1

We are innovators: ClusterPower Tech Campus produces its own electricity using an innovative combined cooling heating and power system.

We are ambitious: we have deployed a ground-breaking infrastructure for deep learning and machine learning processing, unique in the region, with the goal of boosting research and innovation in all industries.

We are a team of wonderfully different people sharing the same vision.

We are a Cluster of Powerful technology, ideas, and people.

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We’re here to enable and accelerate your growth through intelligent and secure digital solutions, powered by large scale latest technology infrastructure and our expertise.

To empower our partners and clients’ success, we implement AI into our solutions and enable adoption of next generation digital tools.

We aim to lead progress in our region in a sustainable operating environment.


Our vision is clear, we want to take part in reshaping how digital environments impact our world in the future.

We aspire to find solutions for global challenges and encourage the adoption of latest technologies. Our objective is to seize the benefits and promote the development of sustainable, inclusive, and reliable artificial intelligence (AI).

This is the key message our vision - a human centric future in a digitalized world.

ClusterPower Vision
ClusterPower Values


  • Deliver outstanding results by valorizing performance in all our activities.
  • Trustworthiness achieved through high quality standards and transparency in all our actions.
  • Accountability by measuring our organization against the highest principles of integrity and responsibility.
  • Challenge and innovation: We do not slow down and do not settle – in everything we do we always try to do better

Meet the ClusterPower team!

We are a group of energy and technology enthusiasts (some of us go by the name of geeks) with various and complementing backgrounds – from energy to IT, contracts to customer experience, procurement, sales, engineering, and everything in between.

We fit together perfectly like a big puzzle and we are here to support you in your journey towards a stronger, empowered business.

For us it is all about the people, so at the end of the day, if your customers and teams are happier because your company uses our services, it means we did our job.

Welcome to Cluster Power!

ClusterPower Vision


My motivation and that of the team is our shared vision to develop and implement in Romania a project that has the potential to change the world for the better. This is the mission and the dream that becomes reality.

Large-scale projects, with regional or global impact, have matching infrastructure needs. We aim to support our customers to achieve their most ambitious goals, and we want to help them become actors of the transformation process of their businesses, for example by using large-scale AI and the adoption of cloud type solutions.

The use of last generation solutions will make them both competitive and unique because each client has specific needs, and ClusterPower has the ability to customize and scale accordingly

Cosmin Georgescu - CEO

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