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Our SmartCloud uses smart data storage technology configured and managed by Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Our cutting-edge approach grants us digital agility and great efficiency.

We’re also the first fully Tier III Certified Datacenter in South East Europe, which guarantees maximum storage security and safe management of our clients’ data. And yes, we have a digital highway to Western Europe.

We’re also the only Tech Campus that produces its own electricity. Our innovative system allows us to simultaneously produce electricity for our data center, and constant cool air for our servers.

We pride ourselves with an AI Excellence Center, with groundbreaking infrastructure for deep learning and machine learning processing. We collaborate with top level Romanian universities and our experts are fully prepared to assist all Cluster Power clients in configuring AI solutions.


Our project is the first large data center in Romania, and the first hypescale data center in South-Eastern Europe. It will increase Romania's competitiveness in global IT infrastructure, in addition to the already reputable image of our country created by our leading IT specialists. What we offer our clients, besides a center of excellence for high performance computing and artificial intelligence, is trust, data security and disaster resilience.

Vladimir Ester, CTO
ClusterPower Mission


We’re here to enable and accelerate your growth through intelligent and secure digital solutions, powered by large scale latest technology infrastructure and our expertise.

To empower our partners and clients’ success, we implement AI into our solutions and enable adoption of next generation digital tools.

We aim to lead progress in our region in a sustainable operating environment.


Our vision is clear, we want to take part in reshaping how digital environments impact our world in the future.

We aspire to find solutions for global challenges and encourage the adoption of latest technologies. Our objective is to seize the benefits and promote the development of sustainable, inclusive, and reliable artificial intelligence (AI).

This is the key message our vision - a human centric future in a digitalized world.

ClusterPower Vision
ClusterPower Values


  • Deliver outstanding results by valorizing performance in all our activities.
  • Trustworthiness achieved through high quality standards and transparency in all our actions.
  • Accountability by measuring our organization against the highest principles of integrity and responsibility.
  • Challenge and innovation: We do not slow down and do not settle – in everything we do we always try to do better

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