DCD Madrid

Event date: 25/05/2022

Event location: RIU Plaza, Madrid

Our CEO, Cosmin Georgescu was part of a pannel in Madrid this year where he talked about a carbon free future and ways to get there together with Lecanu Bernard, Giacomo Bravaccini, Juan Carlos Vaamonde and Peter Meig. When brilliant minds meet, it results in good ideas for a better future.

Technology doesn’t just mean that everything becomes simple, it means the possibility to analyze. If we use technology for our operations, if we use supercomputers for data analysis, if we use AI, then technology will give back to us, and as an industry, we should at our turn give back to the people. We must think ahead and have a clear roadmap for a carbon free future. Solutions can be expensive but there are financial instruments for sustainability tools, like decentralized energy.